Proposed Revision to 205.1 - Presidents; Appointments



Board policy:


            1.         Presidents of the units of the Montana University System shall be appointed by the Board of Regents on recommendation of the Search and Screening Committee and the advice of the Commissioner of Higher Education.




            1.         All search and screening committees for unit presidents shall include representatives of faculty, students, alumni, non-academic staff and administrative staff.


            Presidential search and screening committees shall be appointed by the Commissioner of Higher Education after consulting appropriate constituent groups.  The Board retains the prerogative of approving or disapproving the search committee for a president on each campus.


            2.  When it becomes necessary to designate an acting president at any unit of the Montana University System, the Commissioner of Higher Education shall propose a designee to the Board to the Board for approval.  The Commissioner shall involve faculty, administrators and students at the unit in formulating recommendations to the Board.






                Item 6-004-R0974, Appointment of Presidents, Montana University System, September 9, 1974 as revised November 7, 1975, July 12, 1976 and April 11, 1978.