Proposed Revision to 204.4.2 - Interunit Advisory Committees; Operation



Administrative policy:


            The Commissioner's staff liaison will act as chairman of an interunit committee unless the Commissioner designates one of the campus representatives to act in that capacity, except for the Employee Benefits committee which is exempt from this provision.


            Official minutes of all committee meetings should be kept on file in the Commissioner's office.


            Under board policy, inter-unit committees are advisory to the Commissioner; they do not set policy, nor do they report directly to the Board of Regents.*




            Upon receiving recommendations from an inter-unit committee, the Commissioner, at his discretion, will:


            1.         formulate recommendation(s) to the Regents in those instances where Board action is necessary; or

            2.         act under broad delegated authority to formulate and execute policy; and

            3.         where it is deemed appropriate, refer recommendations in 1 or 2 to the Council of Presidents for discussion before referring them to the Regents or implementing them.




            A suggested format for recording the activities of the committee may be obtained from the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.



*See Section 202.3.1




                Guidelines for Inter-unit committees issued by the Commissioner of Higher Education, February 3, 1976.