Proposed Revision to 204.4.1 - Interunit Advisory Committees; Creation


Board policy:


            The Commissioner of Higher Education is authorized to create any inter-unit committee he feels necessary to advise and inform him on matters relevant to the discharge of the duties and responsibilities of the office.  Such committees serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner.




            1.         The Commissioner shall notify the presidents of his intention to establish an inter-unit advisory committee.


            2.         The Commissioner shall designate:


                        a.         the official committee name;

                        b.         the number of regular members from each campus who shall serve on the committee;

                        c.         the purpose for which the committee is being formed; and

                        d.         any additional by-laws necessary for the committee to function.


            3.         The presidents, after consultation with the appropriate chancellors, shall nominate campus representatives and alternates for the Commissioner's consideration. In nominating such representatives, provision should be made for adequate faculty and student participation in the selection of peer group nominees in instances where those constituent groups are to be represented specifically.





                Item 2-902-R0973, September 10, 1973 as amended November 7, 1975 and July 11, 1977.  Guidelines for Inter-unit committees issued by the Commissioner of Higher Education, February 3, 1976.




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