Proposed Revision to 1907.1 - Telecommunications; Montana University System



Board policy:


            1.  Units of the Montana University System are encouraged to use telecommunications in the conduct of their mission as appropriate to their role and scope.  Telecommunication is defined as any program, product or activity that uses electronic means in its delivery to multiple users.


            2.  In addition to radio and television broadcasts, the board recognizes a variety of other mechanisms for information dissemination and reception.  These include microwaves, instructional television fixed services (ITFS), hard wire, cable and various satellite linking systems.  All have potential for use in higher education.  The board encourages the utilization of such technology within the system either by individual units or on a shared basis with other units.  Where licenses are required for the use of these systems, the approval procedure outlined below should be followed.




            1.  Units may develop educational broadcast radio and/or television stations with the prior approval of the Board of Regents.  License applications shall be made in the name of the unit.  Each unit is responsible for the administration of the station.


            2.  For the purpose of reviewing proposals, the following information will be submitted for board consideration:


                        a.  Evidence of service to the unit and to the immediate community


                        b.  Statement of general programming goals


                        c.  Evidence of financial resources


                        d.  Evaluation of impact on other units in the system and on their communities and the state


                        e.  Administrative structure, including advisory councils.


          3.  Proposals to provide an extension of originating signals through translators shall also require prior board approval.






             Item 42-003-R1283; Telecommunications Policy, Montana University System, April 13, 1984.