Proposed Revision to 1202.2 - Intercollegiate Athletics; Conference Participation


Board policy:


1.  Intercollegiate athletics at all units campuses of the Montana University System should be funded in a manner that will provide a budget sufficient to allow the institutions to be competitive in their respective conferences.


2.  The Board will consider the budget totals, numbers of scholarships provided and the number of intercollegiate sports being supported by the other institutions in the conference.


3.  Such funding may be derived from the following sources in such percentages as deemed advisable, giving due regard to the sources and percentages of support being received by the other participants in the conference:


a.  fee waivers granted by the Regents for in-state, as well as out-of-state students, up to the maximum conference allowable totals;


b.  state funding;


c.  other income (defined as gate receipts, guarantees, concessions, programs, TV, radio rentals, etc.).






State Board of Education ex officio Regents of the University of Montana, December 10, 1962; February 11, 1963; Board of Regents of Higher Education, October 19, 1963; Item 17-006-R0777, Athletics; Conference Participation, (Revised) October 28, 1977.