Proposed Revisions to 1202.1 - Intercollegiate Athletics; Program Guidelines


Board policy:


1.  Intercollegiate athletics is defined as a university or college program.


2.  The Board of Regents expects that programs of intercollegiate activities shall be conducted which are suitable for the respective institutions campuses.  The desirability of applying certain common principles for the support and operation of intercollegiate athletics is recognized.


3.  Intercollegiate athletics shall be budgeted and funded in the same manner as any other regular program of the university system.


Each campus shall formulate procedures to insure student participation in decisions concerning the intercollegiate athletic program.


4.  To assure the absence of any discrimination between the two programs on the basis of sex, the units campuses of the Montana University System are authorized to make available for women's intercollegiate athletics such fee waivers and other forms of support as are proportionately commensurate with those authorized for men's intercollegiate athletics.


5.  Each institution campus will comply with National Collegiate Athletic Association, or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics regulation, or Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, whichever is applicable in accordance with University unit campus membership, and with the rules established by the athletic conferences to which each unit campus now belongs or may join.


6.  No athlete shall be given an academic scholarship or an academic grant-in-aid except when qualified for such an award on the basis of academic performance the same as any other student.







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