Proposed Revision to 1006 - Security Operations


Board policy:


1.  The president or chancellor of each unit campus of Montana University System shall have general control and direction of the security department of his/her unit in accordance with unit policies submitted to the Board of Regents of Higher Education.  A unit campus may contract with private security companies for the provision of security services.


2.  (a)  The presidents or chanellors of the units campuses may authorize security department officers to carry firearms between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and at any time when guarding money or other valuables.


   (b)  Security department officers of a campus may carry firearms at times other than those specified in subsection 2(a) if the Board has specifically approved a policy for the campus which indicates the times and conditions under which firearms may be carried.  The student body government on the campus covered by the policy shall be given an opportunity to present its position on the policy to the Board of Regents prior to adoption.  The policy may not be amended except by action of the Board of Regents.


3.  Except as provided in subsection 4, only the following may carry firearms on or at any unit campus of the Montana University System:


   (a)  those persons who are acting in the capacity of security department officers and who:

have successfully completed the basic course in law enforcement conducted by the Montana Law Enforcement Academy or an equivalent course conducted by another state agency and recognized as such by the Crime Control Division of the Montana Department of Justice; or;


have passed the state approved equivalency examination administered by the Montana Law Enforcement Academy; and


  (b) those persons who are employees of a contracted private security company and who are registered to carry firearms pursuant to Title 37, Chapter 60, MCA.


4.  Each unit campus may establish regulations governing the transportation and storage of firearms on campus.  Each president shall file a copy of such regulations with the Commissioner of Higher Education.



Item 7-002-R0175, Authorization for Presidents to Appoint Security Personnel, January 16, 1975 as revised September 14, 1981, June 28, 1982, September 14, 1984, and August 2, 1991.


Cross reference:

See also Section 702.3, Appointment, Campus personnel.