Proposed Revision to Policy 1002.1 - Vehicle Regulations and Parking



Statutory authority:

        See 20-25-312 MCA and 49-4-307 MCA


 Board policy:

              1.  The presidents and chancellors of the units campuses of the Montana University System are authorized to enforce rules and regulations concerning the parking and operation of vehicles upon the grounds, streets, drives and alleys of each campus.

        2.  Except as noted in section 3 below, fines for violations of campus parking and vehicle regulations may be assessed in amounts not to exceed $l0 per offense. 

3.  The fine for parking illegally in a designated parking zone reserved for a person with a disability shall be $100.  Each campus shall post notice of the fine.



 Cross Reference:

 See section 940.11




 Item 219-004, July 12, 1971; Item 220-002, September 13, 1971; as superseded by Item 2-010-R1073, October 19, 1973; Board of Regents Minutes, December 12, 1978, and Item 69-003-R0990, September 14, 1990 as revised September 23, 1993 and March 24, 1994.