807.1 Employee Travel

Effective November 20, 1997; Issued December 10, 1997

Board Policy:

The agencies of the Montana University System will comply with state statutes regarding travel and will generally follow the rules for travel that have been promulgated by the Department of Administration, with the exception described below. Employees will travel in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible while still able to accomplish the purpose of the travel. Whenever possible, employees will utilize "expanding technologies to interface with out-of-state agencies and other entities in an attempt to reduce travel expenditures," as was recommended by the 55th Legislature.

The Montana University System will generally follow the Department of Administration manual concerning lodging reimbursements. The maximum lodging reimbursement for out-of-state lodging is the maximum standard federal lodging rate or CONUS rate unless the location is listed in the federal schedules with a specific maximum lodging rate that is higher than the standard. The official federal per diem schedules are available on the Internet at the following location:


However, the university system agencies may reimburse employees for the actual cost of out-of-state (or foreign) lodging if one of the following criteria has been met and the employee received prior approval to be reimbursed at the higher rate. The Commissioner may designate campus approving authorities.

  1. Government rates were requested and were not available at the hotel where the employee is staying; or

  2. The purpose of the travel is to attend a conference, career fair, recruitment fair, or similar event and the event is either being held at the lodging site or the lodging site has been designated as the recommended lodging site for the event.

Item 96-002-R0997, Employee Travel; Montana University System (NEW), approved by the Board of Regents on November 20, 1997.

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