Policy and Procedures Manual


707 - Classification
Effective July 13, 2001; Issued July 30, 2001 

Board policy:

  1. University system positions that were previously subject to the state classification system shall be converted to the alternative classification and compensation system hereinafter referred to as the Montana Achievement Project (MAP) beginning on July 1, 2001.
  2. The schedule and effective date for the conversion to MAP shall be determined by the Presidents in consultation with the Chancellors and Deans of the Colleges of Technologyfor non-union positions on the appropriate campuses.  The Commissioner of Higher Education shall set the schedule for conversion to MAP for positions in the OCHE.
  3. The effective date for conversion to MAP for positions subject to collective bargaining shall be determined through negotiations.

  4. This policy does not apply to work study or other student employment programs nor to temporary employment.


    Item 3-901-R1273, Authorization for Commissioner of Higher Education to cooperate with State Personnel Bureau, December 10, 1973 (Rescinded); Item 16-005-R0577, Policy regarding state classification system, state pay plan and coordination of classified collective bargaining, July 11, 1977, as amended June 25, 1979 and June 20, 1986; as revised by Item 111-103-R0501 and approved by the Board of Regents July 13, 2001.

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