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Policy and Procedures Manual




Policy 3XXXX Ė System of Controls

Effective:† XXXX



Board policy:


1.       This policy establishes a system of controls and decision-making throughout the Montana University System to ensure the fair and equitable evaluation of transfer credits for students.† To that end, the policy requires each campus to:

a)       make timely decisions about transfer credits and their applicability to program expectations at the new campus;

b)       document its decisions about transfer credits and identify the individuals responsible for those decisions;

c)       establish an appeal process by which students may ask for a review of those decisions; and

d)       maintain records concerning transfer credits in a central, safe location.




1.       Transfer Applications.

a)       Within five (5) days of receipt of an application for transfer or an admissions file, the institution will send the student a communication indicating receipt of the documents and identifying what additional information is necessary to complete the transfer application.

b)       Receipt of the application or admissions file by the priority deadline will facilitate the† processing of transfer applications.† The priority deadline is one month before the first day of classes for the term for which the student is applying.† The deadlines set out in sections 1. c) and d), under this Procedures section, assume that the application or admissions file is complete on or before the priority deadline.

c)       Within two (2) weeks of the receipt of the completed transfer application, the student will be notified in writing of the admission decision, the total credits accepted for transfer to the receiving institution, and the transferability of the studentís general education credits to the receiving institution.† If the student has identified a major, minor, option and/or certificate, he/she will be provided with an explanation of the process and timelines for the review of the studentís credits by the appropriate academic program(s).

d)       The student will be apprised of the final credit decision, for purposes of his/her major, minor, option and/or certificate, no later than the last day on which it is possible to add courses for the term in progress.

e)       The process for a student who does not complete the transfer application process on or before the priority deadline will be the same as that described in sections 1.c) and d), under this Procedures section, except that the deadlines will not be mandatory.† A student who does not complete the transfer application process by the priority deadline, but who has completed the process by the start of classes for an academic term, will receive a complete transfer evaluation prior to the pre-registration date for the following academic term.

f)         If a student applies to an institution, and then does not enroll, the transfer and admissions documentation for that student will be maintained for a period of one year from the first day of the term for which the student intended to enroll.


2.       Appeal of Transfer Decisions.

Each unit will have an appeal procedure by which a student can promptly ask for a review of transfer credit decisions.† The student will be apprised of that procedure at the time he/she receives the initial course evaluation and when he/she receives the final credit transfer evaluation relative to his/her major, minor, option and/or certificate.† The final appeal on each campus will be to the chief academic officer.


3.       Standardization and Documentation of Course Evaluations.

a)       The Montana University System units will utilize the Banner transfer module to record campus-based equivalencies and to document student transfer decisions.† The course evaluation will detail the process used for the denial of transfer courses and record the reasons for the denial in Banner or, if necessary, by means of a paper record.

b)       Current course transfer equivalencies for each campus will be posted online in Banner and updated at least annually.† Changes to curriculum (courses and course descriptions) will be reported by each institution to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) by June 30th of each year, and will be posted electronically by OCHE for use by all of the institutions.† OCHE will work with the community colleges to ensure that those institutions report their course transfer equivalencies in the same manner.


4.       Location of Transfer Files.

The final transfer evaluation and documentation of transfer decisions, including the identities of the evaluators and the basis for the decisions, will be recorded in Banner and† will reside in the Campus Advising Center or in the studentís permanent file in the Registrarís office on each campus.