September 23-24, 2004


ITEM 124-111-R0904                  Replace Montana University System Long Range Building Program Priority No. 6 “Replace Buried Steam Lines/Phase 1A” Approved in Regents’ Item 124-103-R0704 with “Replace The HVAC System and Abate Asbestos Containing Materials, Science Complex Fourth Floor, The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT:                                       The Board of Regents of the Montana University System approves the modification of the 2006-2007 Montana University System Long Range Building Program project priority list (Item #124-103-R0704) through the replacement of Montana University System Priority No. 6, Replace Buried Steam Lines\Phase 1A for $400,000 (LRBP funds) with a new deferred maintenance project entitled Replace the HVAC System and Abate Asbestos Containing Materials on the Fourth Floor of the Science Complex Building on the University of Montana-Missoula campus for $610,000 (LRBP funds).


EXPLANATION:                        The Science Complex building on The University of Montana-Missoula campus was constructed in 1971.  The Science Complex building houses laboratories, classrooms and offices in five departments.  This facility was constructed just prior to asbestos materials being banned from construction.  The building has sprayed on asbestos insulation in the return air plenum above the ceilings.  This use of asbestos causes severe restrictions when maintenance work is done in the building.  Additionally, as the glue in the asbestos insulation ages it fails and the material falls on the ceiling tile causing other potential problems. 


This summer the State of Montana Architecture and Engineering Division office has been pursuing a contract to replace the HVAC system on the first and second floors of this building.  This project went over budget by approximately $150,000 due to unexpected problems with the asbestos insulation.  These problems have caused The University of Montana-Missoula to re-evaluate its Long Range Building Program priorities.  Consequently, The University of Montana-Missoula wishes to accelerate the time schedule for completion of the HVAC replacements and include total asbestos abatement as part of the project.  The university understands the State’s current financial situation and is requesting a multiple-phased program for abatement and HVAC replacement.  This project presented in the Regents’ item totally abates the asbestos on the fourth floor and replaces the HVAC equipment on that floor.  The following biennial requests will contain similar phases until all of the building has been abated.