March 21-22, 2002


  ITEM 114-111-R0302                BUDGET AMENDMENT – FISCAL YEAR 2002

Dawson Community College


  THAT:                                     The Board of Regents authorizes Dawson Community College to increase their operating budget by $35,000


  EXPLANATION:                      20-15-312 MCA requires:

“The board of regents shall review the proposed total operating budget and all its components and make any changes it determines necessary.  The board of trustees of a community college district shall operate within the limits of the operating budget approved by the board of regents.”


Dawson Community College has enrolled approximately 30 FTE students above their original budget.  The college expects to collect approximately $35,000 in additional tuition revenues.  The revenues will be spent $20,800 on the JV Baseball team and the remaining $14,200 on equipment and supplies for the college.  The Board of Trustees for Dawson Community College has approved this budget amendment.