May 17-18, 2001


ITEM 111-1501-R0501       Authorization to Proceed to Design and Construct an Expansion to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Building; Montana Tech of The University of Montana


THAT:                                    The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes Montana Tech to renovate an area within its HPER Building in order to increase space for its weight room area.  This expansion responds to increased student demand as well as safety requirements.  This authorization includes approval for Montana Tech to take out an Intercap loan of $300,000 to be repaid through student fees.  Upon repayment of the loan, the student fee revenue would support the operation of the HPER facility.


EXPLANATION:                  Students initiated this weight room expansion project to improve the quality of student wellness, physical fitness, and strength training facilities.  The current space exceeds safety standards due to the close proximity of heavy and potentially dangerous equipment and overcrowding.  New additional strength training equipment will also be purchased for the expanded facility. The new fee to support this project is being requested by the students through Montana Tech’s submission to the MUS Validation and Inventory of Fees process.  On two occasions, student votes strongly supported the project and the new mandatory fee.  The Montana Tech Administration supports this student initiative.  The expansion will convert existing space to create a new room at the second floor level of the building.  This new room will be in close proximity to the existing weight room, also on the second floor, allowing for convenient access to both.  A completed preliminary architect’s design determined feasibility and provides an accurate cost estimate


ATTACHMENTS:                Preliminary drawings for project.