May 18-19, 2000


ITEM 107-1011-R0500       Resolution Concerning the Retirement of Frank W. Clark, Professor of Social Work, College of Arts and Sciences; The University of Montana-Missoula 


THAT:                                    Frank W. Clark, Professor of Social Work, in his 25 years of dedicated service to The University of Montana, has merited the appreciation and commendation of the Board of Regents of the Montana University System, and the title of Professor Emeritus of Social Work.


EXPLANATION:                  Frank Clark joined The University of Montana faculty and the Department of Social Work in 1975.  He became chair of the Department in 1988 and has served in this capacity since then.  Professor Clark is an outstanding, highly respected chair who is well-liked by colleagues, students and administrators.  He is a dedicated professional, a scholar, a friend and a mentor inspiring those who have had the good fortune to work with him.


During the past 14 years as department chair, Professor Clark has guided the department with a clear sense of vision and direction. He is highly skilled at building alliances between departments and between the University and the community and has been effective in maintaining needed departmental resources in time of budget scarcity and increasing workloads.  It is through his persistence and commitment to quality education that the Department has maintained a highly regarded undergraduate program and recently developed an innovative Social Work Master’s degree program proposal aimed at increasing the skills and contributions of social workers in Montana and elsewhere.


Professor Clark’s public service record is truly outstanding. He tirelessly gives his time and energy working with others to improve the lives of University students and Montana citizens.  He has served on countless planning committees, advisory boards, task forces, service councils and University governance bodies.  He served as Chair of the Faculty Senate in 1988-89.


During his tenure at The University of Montana, Professor Clark has maintained an impressive record of research and scholarship.  He is well-known for his expertise and contributions in relation to welfare reform, family violence, empowerment and the use of computer technology in social work practice.  He has written numerous grants and published articles, served on advisory boards and as editorial consultant for professional journals and publishing companies.


Despite this heavy administrative load and service commitment, Professor Clark is always accessible to students and he considers this contact with students the favorite part of his job.  He is greatly admired among students for his exceptional compassion, generosity of spirit, ready availability and genuine caring.  He is a champion of students who experience difficulty in their academic careers and he will go to great lengths to assist them and advocate for their needs.  His dedication to students is unsurpassed.


This commitment to students is further reflected in Professor Clark’s teaching.  He is enthusiastic and upbeat in classes, communicating an ardent belief that all students have the capacity to succeed at the tasks assigned them and overcome difficulties they may encounter.  His classes are noted for their supportive atmosphere and respect for a variety of opinions.


Professor Clark’s deep concern for others, his humor, his optimism and basic goodness have inspired and motivated colleagues and students alike to reach their highest ideals of teaching and service. 


In recognition of his accomplishments and meritorious service, the Department of Social Work recommends Professor Frank W. Clark for Emeritus status.