May, 2003


K-20 Committee


            Diane Fladmo (Chair), Lynn Hamilton (Vice Chair), Patty Myers, Mark Semmens, Lila Taylor, and Derek Duncan


Indian Education for All Committee


            Joyce Silverthorne (Chair), Lynn Hamilton (Vice Chair), Randy Morris, and Richard Roehm


Budget Committee


            Ed Jasmin (Chair), Storrs Bishop (Vice Chair), Kirk Miller, Mark Semmens, John Mercer, and Christian Hur


Policy and Evaluation Committee


            Richard Roehm (Chair), Joyce Silverthorne (Vice Chair), John Fuller, Ed Jasmin




Montana Family Education Oversight Committee

            Ed Jasmin



            Ed Jasmin, Mark Semmens


Joint Committee on Post Secondary Education

            Mark Semmens, Ed Jasmin


Two-Year Education Committee

            Richard Roehm


Board Committees:

Tuition Policy-Lynn Hamilton, Christian Hur

Budget -  Mark Semmens, Chair, John Mercer, Lila Taylor

Presidential Evaluation and Compensation- Ed Jasmin, Mark Semmens

Nursing - Richard Roehm, Lynn Hamilton

Point of Contact -Fiscal Affairs-Ed Jasmin

Point of Contact--Academic Affairs-Lynn Hamilton