Staff and Compensation Committee

Established September 23, 2004 as a standing committee


  • Regent Bill Johnstone, Chair
  • Regent Fran Albrecht
  • Regent Martha Sheehy

The Charge to the Committee:

The Staff and Compensation Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Regents that will meet on an as needed basis. The Committee shall provide guidance and assistance on management issues impacting the OCHE and the MUS campuses. The Staff and Compensation Committee shall:

  • Review salary and compensation studies;
  • Review staff Items and format;
  • Review and recommend salary parameters;
  • Have general oversight of collective bargaining; 
  • Review extra compensation reports;
  • Review the Staff Compensation Plan program;
  • Review and recommend policies and practices of the health insurance and employee benefit program; 
  • Review and recommend policies and practices of the workers’ compensation program;
  • Review and recommend policies and practices related to retirement;
  • Review and recommend policies and practices related to workforce diversity and diversity reporting; 
  • Review grievances and litigation and recommend policies or practices related thereto;
  • Review and recommend employee evaluation processes;
  • Review and recommend OCHE staffing levels, staffing patterns and other staffing matters;
  • Review the use of information technology as a management tool within the System;
  • Organize and oversee Board and System relations with the State legislature, the State’s congressional delegation, the Governor and  other governmental officers and bodies;  
  • Review and recommend procedures for long range planning and goal setting; 
  • Assume responsibility for other tasks as assigned by the Board or the Chair.

Updated:   August 31, 2015

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