SFS Outreach Services

The Outreach Coordinators for the MUS - Office of Student Financial Services are committed to you and your students. Our mission is to provide information on state aid; federal financial aid; financial literacy; as well as promote access, retention, and completion.

During these difficult economic times, financial literacy is an issue that commands attention to ensure students are adequately organizing finances for their education. Building awareness through improved financial literacy education and emphasizing the importance of financial responsibility will help students avoid the serious consequences resulting from poorly managed personal finances.

Our Financial Literacy Program helps students learn key skills for financial success, and assists professionals with meeting their financial literacy requirements by providing a variety of online and in person resources.

SFS’s Financial Literacy Website Offers:

  • A budgeting tool to plan for a semester
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Saving and credit card information
  • A central location to find existing student loans
  • A place to determine estimated student loan payment
  • Financial calculators

SFS offers live presentations and one-on-one visits at your institution on:

  • All aspects of financial literacy
  • Preparing and paying for college
  • Completing a working budget

Some of the groups SFS have worked with are students::

  • Attending Orientation
  • Receiving Short Term Loans
  • Accepting Private Loans
  • Attending Campus Events
  • Students Approaching their Aggregate Loan Limits
  • Students who are on Financial Aid Probation or Suspension

Contact the MUS - Outreach team today to develop a personalized financial literacy program for your students.

Carie Kelly, ckelly@montana.edu, (406) 444-7368
Andrea Opitz, aopitz@montana.edu, (406) 444-0681

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