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Closing the Financial Literacy Gap to Combat Student Debt - “Politicians, academics and students alike have all criticized the ballooning cost of college and its contribution to the existing mountain of outstanding student loan debt. But students also suffer from a lack of financial literacy that leaves them unable to navigate the complex maze of financial aid applications and loan options, further adding to their money troubles even after they leave school. ” Read More

How I Escaped College with Zero Debt - “The total amount of student loan debt collectively hanging over our heads is staggering. Two out of every three college students graduate with outstanding loans, and the effects of student loan debt aren't temporary. According to a recent article on Nerd Wallet, the expected retirement age for millennials is now ten years beyond today's average. “Read More

6 Biggest Money Mistakes of College Grads (And How to Avoid Them) - “Graduating from college and entering the real world can easily put you in a state of anxiety. You may have the world at your feet, but that world involves dealing with money - something many of us were never really taught to do properly. As a result, more college grads are finding themselves in financial pickles over student loan debt, credit cards and job market expectations. ” Read More

Americans Need More Financial Education, Consumer Watchdog Says - “Financial service companies spend billions of dollars a year marketing their products and services - credit cards, checking and savings accounts, car loans, mortgages and home equity products. By comparison, very little is spent to provide American children with the tools they’ll need to deal with the financial decisions they’ll face in life. Read More

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